Basis of infrastructure
Shaping of Windows Active Directory
The Active Directory (in a short form AD) is used in Microsoft Windows circumstances for directory supply. It consists of AD database and the AD supply for running. The main purpose is to give autentical and autorotation supply for computers running by Windows and to make the centre administration of every publicated sources in network (files, sharing, periferies, connects, databases, users, groups, etc.) – take decent realized care of delegation of information system manager’s rights. It assures the access of different sources (shared folders, printers, mailing) with one pair of login/password is given. It gives the opportunity to System managers to give out Policy, to install softwares and software refreshings within the system. The Active Directory stores the information and settings in a centre database being on a domain control computer(s). The size of this database can expand from some hundred objects of a small company to thousands of a greater one.
Introduction and refreshing of mailing systems
Business communication speeds up and simplifies considerably effective teamwork inside the company. 3 for IT gives the solution of Microsoft Exchange Server for this purpose.
According to the technical developments of Microsoft the control of Exchange and the analysing of the status of the Exchange surroundings become simplier.
The Exchange Server makes easier to control message managing systems, so the IT managers can increase their effectiveness. The experts of system integrators in 3 for IT give additional supplies and applications – virus controlling, spam filtering, archiving, save and storage solutions – that can make wider the advantages of Exchange Server.