Business Intelligence (BI)

We suggest you to consider the application BI of 3 for IT if it is a great challenge you to reach data needed for your purposes of your company fast, effectively and economically, analysising, processing and dividing

In what our BI solution can help you?
  • simplified IT system for managers
  • fast decision
  • monitoring and optimising of costs
  • immediate, realtime available data
  • graphic survey
  • searching for reasons – data mining
  • competition opportunities for applying non-payback state support
  • you can increase your company's results
By the help of our planning and consolidation softwares based on the world standard Microsoft BI our clients can not only plan but also understand and manage their financial and operation returns. 3 for IT coordinat technology, analysing applications, the best practices and the wide range of partners to give an entire solution for its clients.
Our BI solution supplies information, that helps in making better business decisions to improve returns of the company. 
  • using of extant database – it collects data, stores them and exchanges them to interpretable meanings and analysises.
  • suply of integrate, reliable business information – integrate data definitions can be defined by anybody., priorities, that makes shorter the time of data collection.
  • need less time for coming to a decision- collective usage, searching and operating of data and documents, it assures report analysing devices to exchange rough data to useful information.
  • quantity of manual work can be reduced which means reduction of costs with using of automated systems, analysises.
  • graphyc survey on also users' level – by the help of solution of database managing and data integration that is behind Excel User Interface (PowerPivot for Excel), that gives opportunity to make business analysises consisting of millions of lines independently.
  • an opportunity presents to further analysises of the results, so the clearing up of the basic reasons can be more effective.
  • competition opportunities for IT improvements by EU support
  • so 3 for IT gives solution for data storage using at big companies, and it makes the real data of the company more valuable.
  • you can increase the results of your company with capacity control, by means of proper analysises and monitoring of data.
Functions connected to capacity monitoring are for example forming and watching of index numbers, reports, scorecards (more capacity index together). It gives the answers for what happened or is happening currently at the company.
We can answer the following questions according to analysis: why index numbers become this way, why we have such results and what kind of results can be expected.
Planning is important for what we can compare the results. To reach our purposes we have to plan how to reach them.
Solution of 3 for IT Business Intelligence carries out the reliable and confident decision making in the following technical steps:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 gives effective data processing. SQL Server 2008 can store great quantity of data, supports high capacity polling managing, clustering, can be scaleable according to any kind of demands. It is possible users to reach data in an easily interpretable way which makes their decision easier.
Supplies of Integration Services of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 collect data from different sources. This effective ETL device makes easier to process and load up data to the system SQL Sever 2008.
Supplies of Analysis Services of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 makes your data more valuable as it completes the system with computer calculations and main capacity indexes.(KPI)
By means of analysing supplies data can be rearranged hierarlically, logically in terms of decision makers according to report and analysis demands.
Supplies of reporting of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services makes easier reading and publishing of data for Users.
Supplies of Reporting assure a great number of users to reach data easily.
Supplies of SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Office 2007-based Office PerformancePoint Sever 2007 help business intelligence to be more effective on 3 fields:
  • PerformancePoint Monitoring supply makes possible to define responsibility and synchronization at the company by means of defining and using of index number systems, directing desk and main capacity index.
  • PerformancePoint Analysis makes easier to analyse and identify trends, opportunities and risks can be read from data. The information can be recorded and reachable for the whole company.
  • The PerformancePoint Planning in the version of Office PerformancePoint Server assures a new function set for making business planning, budget managing and forcast easier.
By the help of Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 it is possible to share our results of analysis with several users and support teamwork through automatic data refresh.
Microsoft Business Intelligence has all the appliences, platforms and opportunities that are needed for requirements to business intelligence on an affordable prise.