Cisco Cloud Web Security


Enterprises are placing security as a top priority for all their processes. Cisco Cloud Web Security is a SaaS service which provides enterprise-level security and control. Cisco’s worldwide threat intelligence allows users to be protected across all locations. Advanced threat capabilities and roaming user protection also empower enterprises with tightened security. Cisco Web Security, including the Web Security Appliance and Cloud Web Security, combines malware protection, threat analytics, application visibility and control, acceptable use policy controls, insightful reporting, and secure mobility while providing deployment options in the cloud or with a dedicated appliance. CWS controls web usage and blocks sites based on signature, reputation and content analysis. It delivers best-in-class malware scanning through Outbreak Intelligence, a heuristics-based engines that analyzes each webpage component in real time to block threats. As a cloud service it delivers superior flexibility.



Users can easily deploy and scale with multiple connection options while using existing infrastructure. A single management interface provides global control, enabling enforcement of granular web usage policies across an entire organization no matter where users are located. Through AnyConnect, CWS extends its strong protection to roaming laptop users and enforces the same on-premises policies.


Defend against web-based threats (real-time web protection, application visibility and control)

Defeat advanced malware (detection, blocking, analysis, alerting, visibility and control)

Reduce costs (less complex IT, 30-40% cost reduction)

Scale your solution with high availability

Connect to the cloud with flexibility



Cisco Cloud Web Security provides:

• Industry-leading, real-time web security

• Cisco worldwide threat intelligence and advanced threat defense capabilities

• Unmatched zero-day threat protection

• Advanced malware protection

• Tight integration with Cisco network and security solutions

• Continuous monitoring and analysis across the extended network – before, during and after an attack.

• Best-in-class uptime and cutting-edge analytics


Benefits of the Cisco Cloud Web Security:

• Granular web use policies: Set and enforce across the entire environment for applications, websites and specific web-page content.

• Easy to integrate: With flexible network integration options, you can connect Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) to your existing infrastructure.

• Real-time threat intelligence: Analysis engines deliver industry leading anti-malware and zero-day threat protection from web-based attacks.

• Centralized management and reporting: Increased visibility into web usage and threat information.