Data saving solutions
Start your efficient data operation with the solutions of the leader and the most acclaimed producer of the industry!
The EMC is in main position for years all over the world in the external disc storage, , data saving solutions, information operation applications. Well-known producer mainly for great companies introduces new products to the hungarian market, which aim is to target the IT Technologies of native companies.
The EMC FastStart solutions assure high capacity, stable availability, easy operation and advantaged functionality.
The EMC solutions mean an ideal platform for Server and Storage consolidation tasks, their multi protocoll building makes the mains connection simple. Using of the high capacity Intel® basis controllelrs and the high-speed SAS discs makes you possible to store and run your mailing on EMC devices.
In case of cost-effective, high capacity SATA disc types you can form your capacity and make the storage with Backup-to-Disc technology according to your demands and grasping the opportunity of high speed data restoring and availability.
It is also a good choice for a center storage of your virtual server farm which is supported by the redundant built-up and the widest sheltered system of the indusrty.
Complete your infrastructure with a great storage independent from a platform, the EMC Networker saving software, which has an easy handle, high speed, safe and wide range hardware and software background.