Development of special application
Development of softwares according to personal demands
3 for IT gives complex solutions to various application fields with its special systems. The basis of our special developments is given by our colleagues with big company experiences. They acquire the knowledge of technology, methods with which they can manage and comprehend problems globally.
The aim of our special software improvement is to offer our clients software solutions according to their requirements to make assistance for their process and increase their effectiveness.
We have great experiences/ practices in making and using database Oracle and SQL.
Our knowledge of technology:
  • Our softwares are based on object-oriented improvements
  • .Net technology experiences
  • .Net communication based on TCP/ IP
  • Application of OLE,COM, COM+ technology
  • Development of Windows supply
  • PHP basis websites
  • Language localisation of softwares
  • Development of multi-layer applications
  • Web supply
  • XML