Document management
Systemising of company information 
Systems of electronic document managing give higher supply, security, efficiency and arragement than paper-based work. Nowadays companies have more and more problems with systemising and processing of documents. This work can be easily managed with high quality document managing systems. These systems help the companies to save their competitiveness on the market and to increase the level of their supplies.
Our company gives the solution according to the document managing demands by the help of our experts.
Our recommended solution is a system that is based on Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. This system supports the organizational work effectively, safe with great availability, scaleable, easy to manage and a company portal system, that can be introduced very quickly. This system can be built up and operated with the immediate lowest investment and operating costs. The information of the company can be systemised easily according to topics or other aspects.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – Survey
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – it is an integrated supplement of service supplies, which has an overall content managing and searching system for the company. It can work more effectively with speeding up the shared business processes and information within borders to assure better business comprehension. The Office SharePoint Server supports the intranet, extranet and web applications of the company not in devided systems but on one integrated platform. Moreover, it assures IT experts and improvers necessary devices for the server of co-opration and content managing control, extention of applications and collective work.
Content and processes managing
Full assortments of devices are availabile for managing and controlling contents,so it is easier to keep the rules and save the business data. The everyday business process can also be simplified, and it usually reduces the effetiveness of the company. For this purpose the electronic forms and prepared working processes are available. Users can initiate, follow and take part in them through the common Microsoft Office applications, mail and web browsers.
  • Controlling of documents under detailed and full Policy: it is possible to form our own policy for controlling the documents: the availability of documents can be controlled on the level of the basics. Besides this the retention time and term of operations can be given, the contents can be followed easily according to the settings of documents-record. Policy is also working well in usual client-applications: it serves the rules for every colleague automatically and simply. Co-operation with supply of IRM also assures to save secret and internal data effectively in case of not being on the server.
  • Center storage, managing and access of documents at the whole company: every business document and content can be stored and structured in a center place. Users can navigate in data and find necessary information in a united way. Default configuration of the storehouse can be modified: it is possible to add workingprocess managing, to create retention policy or insert new schemes and content types.
  • Simplify managing of web content: there are supplies that easy to manage, create, approve and publish. Masterpages and page-order assure reusable schemes and unified presence and operation. New supplies make the companies be possible to disclose content of a given field on an other one. (contents of a website with a coíoperative purpose can be on one portal.) It is a cost-effective way to publish multilingual contents at the same time on more intranet, extranet and internet websites.
  • Extention of business to the whole company: solutions based on Forms Services make possible to collect data in a safe, correct way inside and outside of the company without writing specific applications. Data collected this way, can easily be fed into business systems,. They can be stored in document folders used for starting working process and sent them to websites – keeping away unnecessary operations and expensive mistakes of a manual data input.
  • Simplifying of everyday business activity: everyday business activity can be automated and well-comprehended by the help of working summary and approval of documents, following the problem, collecting signatures. Co-operating with Microsoft Office customer applications, mail system and web browsers simplifies users work. Prepared processes can be modified easy and private processes can be done by using Microsoft means, eg. Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer. (this is the next generation of Microsoft Office FrontPage) or Microsoft Visual Studio improving system.
Well-arranged business management
Motive of business management can be followed effectively, established decisions can be made inside the company and can respond to important business events in time.
  • Display of business data on a center place: it is possible to set up your live, interactive connection portals , which display and link with business data from different sources. You can use several connection supplies: direct desks, webmonitors, main power/ capacity indicators and basic business connection technologies. By the help of centralized report center websites users can find the latest tables and main power indicators on one place.
  • Immediate data supply: supply of the Office SharePoint Server for searching in company's circumstances merges personal and business data, documents and websites to get data in full. Searching center is a common place where colleagues can find necessary content, processes, persons and data for their work. It makes possible for individuals and systems to make decisions according to the up-to-date data and facts in a quicker way.
  • Dividing of data in wide range and assistance of personal data protection: data and analysis can be reached from a webbrowser by the help of Excel supplies running on platform Office SharePoint Server in the form of real time, interactive Microsoft Excel table. It is enough to have only one centralised and up-to-date copy of data for these tables, which you can share effectively while data in documents or personal, secret data can be safed. (eg. Financial models)
  • Use unstructured business network opportunities to make better decisions: colleagues can use their unstructured business networks more effectively with the new knowledge managing devices in or outside the system. Communication between individuals is established in an effective and quicker way. Users can make better decisions in shorter time if they comprehend these non-documented business connections and find the perfect experts.
  • Clearing of business data: business data list makes possible the structured data stored in the most important business applications (SAP or Siebel-systems) to be seen on Office SharePoint Server platform, for example on displays, lists, personal profiles, searching results or programming level. The background connections, looked after the center, must be definied only once: ultimate users can use them without writing a special program-code and reuse them to reach background data, so business data can easily be taken up to the portal. Searching program for company builds in business data being on background systems by means of data catalogue into searchings without writing personal codes, iFilter filters or protocol managing.
Simplifying of in- and outside cooperation
It is possible to devide knowledge, search data and the co-operation is easier and safer in- and outside the system borders. Personal connections can be formed easier using partner's and client's or personal networks.
  • Improvement of partner and client connections: data can be collected through web browsers from clients and partners by the help of solutions based on intelligent, standard, electronic forms. Other certifying supply can be connected through LDAP protocol: it makes easier to reach address book systems different from Active Directory. This process makes extranets simplify to build up and makes connections to clients, partners and suppliers be effective.
  • Company searching on every side: supply of searching of Office SharePoint Server in company's circumstances is very important: it integrates different company's content elements. (personal and business data, documents, and web pages) and gives more complete results. Surching supply of company can be reached on every point of the Office SharePoint Server platform. It is in close connection with SharePoint websites, displays, SharePoint lists and personal profiles. It makes users find necessary data, any of the points of the portal they are. Supply of company searching is able to find any kind of business data, and its results can be customised in various ways: appearance of determined metadata of the background records can also be given.
  • Working in any time at any place: lists and document folders can be reached without connection by the help of Microsoft Office Outlook. Users can get rid of the restriction of the company's main connection. Using Microsoft Office Groove Server program makes easier users work without connection.
  • Connection and dividing of knowledge: colleagues working with new devices of skills management can create personal networks and use them in- or outside of the corporation. They can change information with others much quicker and more effectively than before.
  • Personal customising of commands: function of 'own websites' gives customised place to every user, in case of having separate web place for everyone. It is possible to store, display, view and manage contents, data and applications in a regular way on every web place. Data connected with user can appear on some web pages, eg. Qualification, department, names of colleagues and superior or place and trade list he belongs to, document he works on. Strict control of data protection and well-developed safety mechanism are effective on websites, so every user can choose how many and what kind of data he wants to display, disclose. Own websites can be customised according to one's demands.
Increasing of strategy effect of the IT system
The Office SharePoint Server system supports every intranet, extranet and web application on the level of the company on one integrated platform: it corrects the connection of IT system to business requirements and reduces the numbers of supported platforms.
  • Assistance of network co-operation in an effective way: Office SharePoint Server is built up to a scaleable architecture and supports co-operation standards besides web service such as XML language or SOAP protocol. The Office SharePoint Server platform has versatile open application development platforms (API) and event managing to lists and documents. It makes possible to connect to existing systems and assures convenient versatility to co-operate with non-Microsoft based IT projects. It is possible to connect to other certification controllers by the help of LDAP protocol and it makes easier to work with non-active Directory based sources. The built-in display that shows WSRP supplies makes possible to co-operate with other WSRP-compatible portal solutions.
  • Initiation of IT section into strategic tasks: users can already create websites, start working processes, provide for themselves with applications, reach data at background, control availability on the level of individual elements, restore deleted elements and carry out other works without any knowledge of IT. Since they depend less on IT supply, they have effective productivity and the department of IT can pay more attention to give real value-added supplies to the company. It is possible to give and install business configuration according to the data list, so the data stored on background systems can be reachable. Business users reuse this supply and can form their personal views without writing new programme code.
  • Simplifying of installation, managing and controlling: it is much simplier to control the web farms, insert new elements of contents and synchronise amoung websites. There are two ways of installation: 'upside-down' or other way round. Creating websites is simplier according to the built-in website preparing schemes which assures field and page set up and reset navigation to set up websites using frequently. Highly deeloped opportunities of saving and reset of contents help IT to plan savings, save more websites together and reset websites one by one.
  • High power system survey, attendance supporter and survey devices: problems can be solved and quickly isolated with these devices, correcting the functional effectiveness of the infrastructure of the system.