Microsoft® Hyper-V™
What promises virtualization nowadays?
Virtualization comes into fashion and it is not surprising because it is a very important conception. Users can reach unlimited capacity dynamic resources by this conception.
Microsoft commits itself to motivate spreading of virtualization for its great importance. However we do not mean that virtualization is an isolated, tactical method – as it is thought nowadays. Since virtualization can have effect from data center to operating place, so the whole operation, so it has to be managed as a part of the whole infrastructure strategy.
By the assistance of virtualization at Microsoft we can realize our long-range vision, dynamic IT and that makes users and computers to reach resources at once. That is why we apply resources from product development and licence strategies to co-operating initiatives and strategic parner connections – on the level of the company to reach virtualization for all of our clients.
Supply of variable business demands with virtualization
Tendency is well-noticeable: companies assure better and better devices for their employees to find new business opportunities as IT getting widespread, effective and portable. Managing this problem needs more input in costs and mentality as ever. IT meets more and more requirements: it must assure speed, easy access, effective operation and innovation, safety, regulations, eefective saving expences, authenticity and continuity too. The greatest challenge for IT is to release the tension of forming an information infrastructure that is flexible and can also be controlled safely.
It is excellently important to Microsoft to help informatics to find the right balance amoung these, apparently one another disqualifying requirements. On behalf of this we concentrate on technological innovation that makes companies be possible to creat intelligence, quick and effective accomodating, dynamic IT systems and control under variable business circumstances.
For realization of dynamic IT companies need virtualization strategy that assures the mobilisation and managing of virtual and physical resources for satisfying the quick changing business demands.Application of virtualization strategy in an effective licence structure gives faster and reliable supply and sets free basic resources to reach advantaged business purposes, it is able to reduce costs and turns the increasing of the business agility to competitions advantages.
Effective virtualization: foundation of dynamic IT.
The idea of virtualization is not as new as many people think: the technology of a time sharing processing 'virtual device' applied in big device systems goes back to the '60. Nowadays virtualization is very important to companies because of the coincidence of business requirements and expansion of virtualization technologies
The great advantage of virtualization is cost-effectiveness. It would be a very important point of view , but saving money is only one of the advantages of virtualization. Our deep belief that virtualization applying effectively makes possible to creat such IT systems for companies which have proper intelligence in addition to high quality working and cost saving effectivity and can comply with modofoed business circumstances automatically and in advance.
To make it possible, virtualization must be applied to every layer of IT system from data center to workstation. (so the informatics resources must be separated or disconnected from other resources.) Instead of connecting several layers – operation system and hardware, application and operation sytem, user interface – we use virtualization on behalf of loosening interdepence between them.
Spread of virtualization from data center user interface gives new solutions putting into system and makes unnecessary to supply new hardware and configuration of components. By this means number of problems can be reducible in test demands and application compability, automation processes are getting simplier and it is easily attained solutions of disaster set-up. Such infrastructure can be formed on workstations through virtualization, makes possible employees to reach necessary applications, wherever they are.
Cost demands and complication of IT surroundings can be grown by virtualization besides its asvantages. Virtualization, so to say, ups the engine of IT division. Everything works with higher capacity, speed and versatility, but for it is virtualized, it is more difficult to find and reckonning. In case of more virtual devices it means additional work to install and optimise them. Extention of virtualization means additional work as we know it from experiences. Without properly effective control solutions most part of the advantages of virtualization technologies are taken away. Everything comes apart without control and we do not have the most of real chances of virtualization. Control makes possible to determine the exact place of virtualization products (so they are not connected to one place) and to add proper resources in real timing to proper users. As the infrastructure contains Physical parts in the future too, the effective control solutions must make the operation of physical and virtual parts possible to be managed organically and easily.
The real power of virtualization shows itself when the companies apply integrated virtualization strategy beyond their own IT infrastructure, and such solutions that contain both control of virtual and physical resources. Virtualization can be used effectively only in cases as a basic of of dynamic IT.
Microsoft commits itself to virtualization
Microsoft satisfies users demands on the spectrum of data center to workstations. We offer Microsoft Virtual Server applying to data center. We have lately reported availability and final version of oncoming publishing of betaversion of Hyper-V hypervisor to companies as a basic supply of Microsoft Windows Server 2008. As the workstation concerns, the Microsoft Terminal Supply virtualizes display process and Microsoft Application Virtualization applies to run applications without installation on workstations.
Physical and virtual devices of users computers and back-end servers are controllable by the help of Microsoft System Center in paticular with the same platform. This group of products is suitable for managing more hypervisors from the middle of 2008. Our clients can solve significant problems with the virtualized product-combination of data center and workstation, and controlling devices harmonized with them, so they can develop the basis of dynamic IT surroundings.
Finally virtualization and dynamic IT is also about the same: to assure necessary resources and to make the company be prompt to reach that kind of purposes that were not available earlier. Microsoft virtualization technology almost knows no bounds.