IT safety advice

Nowadays the rapid progress in IT surroundings in parallel with the rising competition makes companies to see clear the critical factors, reduce the risk and appreciate the plans of solution of safe business and reaching aims.

3 for IT has advisory supply as follows:
Business portfolio analysis
  • identification of business values and the most important performance indicators
  • monitoring of most important risk components
Surveying of demands and expectations
  • supporting of products and business innovations
  • comparing the plans of supply development with optimising the expenses of supply insurance
  • analysing the functionality of business process
IT system audit
  • survey of effective IT safety law and regulations
  • physical and environmental revision (physical security, power supply, air conditioning, regulation of humidity and other environmental factors)
  • survey of system management (security revision of operating system, database management system, system administration processes and fulfilments)
  • examination of softwares of business applications (COE or selfdeveloping ones examinating from every point of view)
  • survey of network security (moral hacking, firewall, controlling of vulnerability of router, port control, realization of hacking)
  • control of continuous operational
  • survey of data integrity
IT management audit
  • synchronization of business strategies: business and IT plans are in accordance with each others.
  • performance management: credits, employees, projects and other supply security processes meet business strategy
  • resources management: resources are optimised according to the current business demands
  • risk management: recognition and tending to business risks
System and infrastructure audit
  • revision of process and strategy: to assure operation of stable infrastructure.
  • evaluation of projekt management by methodics to harmonise implementation and business purposes
  • evaluation of infrastructure maintenance that assures effective usage of appliance and technology
  • infrastructure operation and/ or examination of migration preparedness
Revision of IT supply security and assistance
  • revision of IT controlling – included management, system units and business processes
  • revision of supply strategy – included supply portfolio, financial management, returns
  • revision of supply plan – included access, incident, problem and infrastructure management
  • continuous revision of supply development – included measures, comparisons, methods and technics