Network optimization
Our network optimisation productions and supplies help medium and big companies to work more succesful and effective. Our solutions give the clients the opportunities to optimise and standarise their returns and costs according to common safety and communication supplies.
IT projects are refunded faster with the supplies of 3 for IT, since the business applications become effective, costs of operation decrease and the operation of IT system is getting versatible.
Our solutions help our clients to transform their IT infrastructure to an intelligence IT network.
We try to solve IT problems getting complicated with our network services as to reshape infrastructure of network with the accent of better reaching and optimisation of applications.
Companies apply more and more applications to control business processes and it effects the increasing of the infrastructure. Recent safety threats must be prevented paralell with increasing. It is a great challenge for companies to assure optimal performance of applications.
Effectiveness of reaching devided resources is insecure factor in case of companies working with network infrastructure in several places. The fitful applications have an effect on working of users and effectiveness of value-creating processes. eg: mailing, reaching of operational safety and rapidity of network supply can be optimised by quality assurance-Qo S-, data compaction, cache storage, TCP acceleration and intelligence predictive algorythm working on the basis of statistics.
Solution of network optimising actually solve bandwidth problems in an end-to-end spread way effectively.