Security solutions

Cisco Security Solutions

Safety products of Cisco, Microsoft and GFI represented by 3 for IT, give complete solutions on the field of network security to their clients. 3 for IT assures solutions to their clients as follows:
  • Firewall systems
  • VPN virtual private network system
  • WEB and MAIL content filter solutions
Firewall solutions – ISA, ASA
Nowadways using of firewall system is a basic demand of having security internet connection of the company. Firewall is advisable to install both in exter- and internet and to segment company network.
Safe and cost-effective way of VPN private network is the realization of communication among several company seats and remote access. In order to increase security of communication it is suggested to use it. It is possible to develop IPSec and SSL too.
Content filter
More than 40% of internet applications during working hours is not focused on pages connected with work, and mainly it means security risk. GFI has improved the product WebMonitor to control internet using during working hours. Operators can monitorise or limit contents can be reached by employees on network.
GFI WebMonitor is a complex web monitorising, web filter and access controlling security device for small and mid-companies.
It gives three types of solutions for standalone and ISA/ TMG integration:
  1. WebFilter Edition – is for URL filter and category based filter
  2. WebScurity Edition – is for Antivirus and anti-phishing protection and spyware filter
  3. Unified Protection – is a WebFilter and protection combined with WebSecurity