Structured cabling

Basic of modern IT is a structured cabling system. Serious special knowledge as needed for planning and implementation. Energy and money expended so it is refunded during the operation. Implementation of structured cabling systems generally goes with renovation of buildings and building processes. The amount is about 2% of the budget for this purpose. Duration of that kind of systems is 15 years according to the costs.

Standarizing is one of the main attributes of structured cabling system. Standards guarantee the independence of applications of changings during the 15-year period.
The relevant standard is ISO/ IEC IS 11801 in Hungary. These standards have been valid since 1995 and consider demands of the latest network technologies.
It is important that every part of cabling system has to come from a producer that guarantees standards.
3 for IT has important references in the segment of networking of mid and big companies, as building-up office end-points or server rooms.