System Management
By means of MSC product line, the special knowledge of System Center products can be made a use of managing virtual and physical infrastructures with integral toolbar. You can find the followings amoung the devices:
System Center Virtual Machine Manager
It is a control solution for virtualized data center that makes possible to use the physical back-end servers effectively and fast evolving of infrastructure consisting of virtual devices and to have central control state.
Planning, putting into operation, controlling and optimising of virtualized infrastructure are among the supplies of Virtual Machine Manager. Virtual Machine Manager helps to identify computers suitable for fusion, to arrange workloads by compound algorithms optimisingly and to change from physical to virtualized device quickly and reliably. So it makes the the most important works of fusion more physical back-end servers easier. It is easier to manage the virtual data center with this solution, for it assures IT system managers devices raising effectiveness. Managing of Windows PowerShell command files, control consol, virtual devices as central collection of tools, self-service operating functions are among them. Using these functions, back-end users entitled to it can create new virtualized devices in no time.
System Center Operations Manager
It is also suitable for monitoring thousands of back-end servers, applications and clients, it is an easy managing environment which gives overall picture of status of IT systems and gives quick step-in in case of events of shut down.
There are several components in IT environment: user and back-end servers, operating systems, database, mailing supplies and more. Operation Manager contains control packages to manage this multi-coloured combinations. Every control package contains managing knowledge of a given part. Company can manage its IT environment effectively by installing proper control package relying on the knowledge of package-makers.
An agent program is needed for operation of Operations Manager, that runs on every controlled devices, it means that it is controlled both on physical and virtualized device. User, sitting in front of the control of Operations Manager, can see and manage physical and virtualized computers in the same way by the help of common interface and the same controlling packages. Operations Manager contains controlling packages connecting to operation technologies distinctly..For example: Controlling package of Virtual Server makes user possible to calculate with virtual devices running on a given physical one, pay attention to their status and realize other work in connection with them.
System Center Configuration Manager
The product simplifies considerably the process of putting into system, automation of work, managing of confirmity of regulations and safety control based on Policy, so the operation of the company becomes much activer.
The Configuration Manager manages virtual devices assured by virtual server at the same way if they were physical devices. Sofwares can be installed and refreshed as demanded on virtual devices and the installed softwares appear on the software list on Configuration manager application. The device is working the same on applications running on terminal servers as on any other.
System Center Data Protection Manager
Using of continuous data protection solution of Microsoft application and fájl supplies information system managers and users can set up their data in no time.
Data Protection Manager 2007 concentrates on number one workload of Microsoft servers as protection and reset of SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Microsoft Virtual Server and Windows file-supplies.
Data Protection Manager 2007 attends to the protection of workloads of Microsoft center server continuously by the help of DPM server or device, which offers data reset from a disk or long-term taped archiving opportunity on behalf of overall data protection and reset.