Virus protecting devices

Virus protecting and filter solutions – Gateway

Symantec Antivirus for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server
Scaleable and reliable virus protection of web- and SMTP flow
The high capacity of Symantec Antivirus for Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server gives reliable virus searching and set-up. It uses solution http through ISA server , protection for FTP and SMTP communication based on http, optimised on Symantec speed and uses solutions with minimal capacity demands opposite to existing network infrastructure.
Information system managers can easily configurate and manage Symantec antivirus for viruses, worns, ill-meant mobile codes and protection of trojans in every important type of files.
Antidotes to viruses can be spreaded quickly with LiveUpdate and NAVEX proceedings in the entire conpany to make complete protection. Information system managers can set in automatic, immediate virus identifier refresh, interruption of virus spreading through mails before appearing of antidotes and filtering mails using extreme bandwidth. Information system managers get information in advance from the alart SMTP or ISA server and form summative reports on web surface. In the interest of flexible installation Symantec Antivirus for ISA Server works on either stand-alone or blocks of ISA servers. Survey can run on either software running ISA server or more – according to increasing data comminication – Microsoft Windows 2000, Sun Solaris or Red Hat Linux servers, reachable from netwok. Companies can make use of advantages of a further protection against risks coming from several network protocoll.
Virus protection and filtering solutions – Content Filtering
Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam
The Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam combines elimination of false hit rates with interseption of spams. This prize-winning spam protection protects against the moving spam-assaults at the moment, but also recognise spams at the first time. Managing the spam flexibly and effectively without great load of system managers is met the protection requirements of big companies. By using of more operation centers of the world and automatic filter refreshers and the unique knowledge of spam spreading thoughout the world, Symantec makes possible the system managers not only to manage but also to solve the spam problems.
Spam multi-protection increases the effectiveness of spam recognison with combining 17 several filtering proceedings upto 95% and reduces false hits to a minimum. (eWeek, Sept. 2003) Some of the filters work on the survey or the contents of message is examinated by using heuristic method carefully. Characteristics and spam URL filters protect against the methods that avoid MIME and HTML-based filters. Refreshed filters without intervention of system managers reach users.
Interseption of spams effectively is combined with the best hit rate of profession, only one of a million messages is false. (Yankee Group, 2004) For excellent hit results users can delete spam safely without revision, there is no reason to recheck the privative because of the false hits.
The effective web user interface of the solution contains privatives of system management and end-user. System managers can control spams or non-required mails differently according to regulations for groups or individuals, on company or department levels. Possible precautions are: delete or patch the mail, forwarding the mail to mailbox of the system manager or to a private for controlling by system manager or end-user.
Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange
Integrated solution for protection against viruses, spam or non-required contents.
The Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange combines Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 servers to an integrated mail protecting solution with spam-averting content-filtering and prize-winning virus-protecting proceedings.
Virus protecting procedure used by Symantec enlargable virus protecting system protects against also new and known viruses. Possibilities of stopping and immediate reaction of attachments and mail programs assures increased protection against risk sources. Spam cleaner recognises and deletes worn-infected mails.
The multi-layer spam protection combines heuristic detection, filters defined by users, lists of real-time refusal and permission to recognise spam effectively and to avoid false hits. Messages analysed by the heuristic modul can be managed by depending on spam certainty likelihood(SCL)
The unwanted content can also be handled with content filtering based on flexibility and regulations. Mails can be filtered according to their characteristics, such as type of the sequence, attachment, size of the mail and content of the mail. Content-filtering prevents unwanted content from getting into network or secret information coming out.
The Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange supports Exchange 2003 entirely, including new VS API 2.5 and SCL function. It is controlled from the user interface which supplies several servers, so settingscan be refreshed on every Microsoft Exchange server of the company at the same time.
Sytem managers can refresh with prize-winning virus-protecting processes dynamically with stopping of searching or the server. Virus antidote can be used quickly by using LiveUpdate function as to protect quick-spread risks dynamically. Symantec Security Response, a loading company in internet protection and assistance, supports it.