Wireless network connections

Companies has been using computer networks to connect personal computers with servers for ages. Meanwhile development has moved to using wireless network connections, which makes possible to reach mailing, access applications or brows on internet.

3 for IT suggests Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution to the clients.
The Cisco Unified Wireless Network is a cost effective wired or wireless solution which uses the opportunities of networking security, improvement and management effectively in company surroundings. It combines the best elements of wired and wireless networks, gives safe and adjustable network supply on a low cost.
Keep your competitive advantage using of Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution that assures you freedom and flexibility. This secure, adjustable, cost-effective wireless network gives you the follows: 
  • access information, whenever, wherever
  • coorporation with colleagues, business partners and clients
  • real time access to immediate message sending supply, mailing and mains supply
  • higher productivity and quicker business decision
  • mobile supplies such as VoIP
  • visitor access
  • well-developed security that helps to convert business processes
  • modular architecture that supports 802.11a/b/g and wireless network supplies also in and outside of the building, which assures carefree migration for future technologies and supplies.
This solution assures business connection using of innovatie applications to simplify business processes and increase productivity.